Here are all MIRA’s workshops archives. The archives follows the distinction between our three type of workshops: the “Mutual Images International Workshop” Series; the One-Time Workshops, and the biennial International Summer School.


MUTUAL IMAGES 1st International Workshop – Kobe (Japan) – 2013

Exporting Young Japan: Between Text and Image

MUTUAL IMAGES 2nd International Workshop – Tours (France) – 2014

Portrait of Japan: Myths and Realities

MUTUAL IMAGES 3rd International Workshop – Kobe (Japan) – 2015

Japanese Pop Cultures in Europe Today: Economic Challenged, Mediated Notions, Future Opportunities

MUTUAL IMAGES 4th International Workshop – Aarhus (Denmark) – 2016

Fictionality in Representations of Japan from a Cross-Cultural Perspective

MUTUAL IMAGES 5th International Workshop – Nagoya (Japan) – 2017

Japan and Asia: Representation of Selfness and Otherness

MUTUAL IMAGES 6th International Workshop – Cardiff (UK) – 2018

Mediatised Images of Japan in Europe: Through the Media Kaleidoscope

MUTUAL IMAGES 7th International Workshop – Vigo (Spain) – 2019

Painting East: Artistic Relations Between Japan and the West [Artists, Aesthetics, Artworks]

MUTUAL IMAGES 8th International Workshop – Kyoto (Japan) – 2020

Japanese Pilmigrages: Experiences and Motivations behind Cultural and Spiritual Peregrinations from and to East Asia

MUTUAL IMAGES 9th International Workshop – Manchester (UK) – 2021

Medievalism in East Asia – I: From Printed Story-Worlds to Digital Role-Playing Games

MUTUAL IMAGES 10th International Workshop – Cluj-Napoca (Romania) – 2022

Seasonal Imagery in Japanese Language, Culture and Literature


The Nurturing Father – Lyon (France) – 2015

Japan Pop goes global: Japanese Pop Culture on Aesthetics and Creativity – Tokyo (Japan) – 2017

The Journey Around the World Through Images: From the 19th Century to the Contemporary Age – Padua (Italy) – 2020


International Summer School 2019 – Messina (Italy)

International Summer School 2021 – Suzhou (China)