2014 Workshop Program

Portrait of Japan- Myths and Realities

of Japan in Art

17th of May 2014

Université François Rabelais, Tours

10.00- Welcome

10.15- Presentation speech

10.30- Introduction speech by Marco Pellitteri (Chairman)

11.00- Panel 1- Enchanted Worlds: tales of the West

Uncertain spaces: the odd and the foreign in Tôei’s feature films of the 1960s- Marie Pruvost-Delaspre, University Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3

The Middle Ages in Europe through the prism of contemporary Japanese Literature: a study of Vinland Saga (Yukimura Makoto), L’Éclipse (Hirano Keiichirō) and Spice and Wolf (Hasekura Isuna)- Maxime Danesin, Université François Rabelais de Tours

12.00- Lunch Break

14.00- Panel 2- Visual representations: Between othering and universal manhood

The shifting representation of Japan in Belgian popular comics, in the fifteen years after the war (1945-1960)- Dr. Pascal Lefèvre, LUCA School of Arts, Campus Sint-Lukas Brussel

‘The childhood of man’: constructing a universal childhood through curatorial choices at the Syabi- Aurore Montoya, University of the West of England

15.00- Refreshments

15.20- discussion

17.00- Refreshments and end of the day

20.00- Dinner


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