Conference on Fatherhood

 Program «Global Interactions»

Mutual Images Conference on Fatherhood:

The Nurturing father

25-26-27 June, Lyon (France)

List of panels for the conference on the Fatherhood:

  • Panel 1: Fatherhood and relationships in the society

      Hirsch Rene, Independent researcher, Procreative Understandings, Gender Roles, and Beliefs: Historical Parallels

      Paulmier Thierry, University of Paris Est, Fatherhood as a mode of government of human societies : origin, exercise and aim


  • Panel 2: The role of fathers

      Ranjan Aarya, Affiliation – PhD Research Scholar (Sanskrit) JNU, Role of Fathers In social image

      Rajkishor Arya, PhD, Scholar JNU, Consideration of fathers within the system of education and care


  • Panel 3: The implications and consequences of being a father

      Bujnowska Anna, Skłodowska University, The psychological situation of Polish fathers who have a small child with disability

      Cooke Dawson, Curtin University, An Exploration of Men’s Strengths in the Transition to Fatherhood


  • Panel 4: The evolution and the future of fatherhood

      Hill Helena, Ph D History of ideas, Dreaming of a new kind of father – Masculinity, fatherhood, national identity and gender equality in Swedish media representations 1970 –2010

      Montoya – Yamagata Aurore, University of West England, Ikumen: How the nurturing father can save Japan


  • Panel 5: The perception of fatherhood in the history

      Damrow Miriam, University of Dusseldorf, The nurturing father as a neglected phenomenon

      Codet Cécile, Sainte Marie Lyon, In search of a definition of fatherhood in Renaissance and Medieval Spain


Chairs Organisation:

Aurore Yamagata-Montoya, University of West England, United Kingdom:

Miriam Damrow, University of applied sciences, Düsseldorf, Germany:

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