Vertical Images- An International Poster Archive

What is Vertical Images? 

Vertical Images is an International Poster Archive created to encourage research on posters. We hope to provide primary and secondary sources for researchers all over the world.

The project started as an initiative of Mutual Images when one of its members both struggled to find the sources she wanted for her thesis and was amazed at the quantity of visual material available. Street posters fade with the rain and sun, posters on public transports are taken down regularly, announcement boards are covered with posters disappearing one under the other.

Even though some interesting researches already exist on posters, much still remains to be done on this specific medium. We do not aim here to analyse the posters, but to archive them, to organise them.  Some of you might find here another example of the themes s/he is working on, when others might find a new interest in the poster itself. We hope to raise the interest of academics for this medium.

To access Vertical Images website:

Objects of this International Poster Archive


Vertical Images is a place to archive posters from all times and places. We understand as poster any large printed paper composed of text and/or images, often a notice or an advertisement, and always placed in a public space and aimed to be viewed/read by passers-by. They can be commercial or governmental, printed on A4 or on a billboard. We aim to archive extensively all type of posters.

Secondary sources: Bibliography

Another way to contribute to the development of academic research is the constitution of a bibliography on posters. We welcome all sources on posters, but especially academic sources of all format: books, book chapters, articles, unpublished articles, lectures, etc.


We also aim to list past, present and future events of interest for our subject: conferences, workshops, talks, courses, etc. So wether you have taken part in such an event or heard/read about one, feel free to add it to the Poster Depository.

To view the different items already on the archive click on the categories in the right hand menu. The items are ordered by object (posters, bibliography, events) and by themes.

How to participate? 

Everyone is welcome to participate in the elaboration of the archive. You need to register on wordpress and contact us to become a contributor to this Archive.

You can submit images of posters you found online, or photograph a poster you may see on the street or in a magazine or book. Just make sure it is visible.

If you are submitting a poster to the Archive, make sure to mention the following data:

-date of creation

-date of photograph (if you photographed the poster from its original place)

-place/ country


-translation of the text when possible

-any other information you find relevant

Don’t hesitate to suggest new categories.

No commercial use of the images or texts posted on this website can be done.

Its administrators

Vertical Images- An International Poster Archive is a Mutual Images Project.

Mutual Images is a non-for-profit association encouraging academic research focusing especially on the interactions between cultures.

If you have any specific question or comment, you can contact the project leader: