logo1The Club d’Études Culturelles de Tours (Tours’ Cultural Studies Club) is a French student association founded in 2012 and established in François-Rabelais University (Tours). Its primary objective is to regroup undergraduates and graduates students that are interested in university research, publishing in INVENE, our multidisciplinary annual anthology, their works – a first in Tours.

The Club offers three types of activities: discovering the world of the university research through the life within the association – where we share our experiences and ideas – and the organization of events and seminars; helping and tutoring students in need, mainly in Humanities; publishing the works and researches of students, in order for them to take a first step into the research world, learning the “how” of writing scientific articles. Recently, we are also opening a section for cultural productions – such as literature or art ones –, as we felt that the students could also use the opportunity of our anthology to show their creations.

From the start of the Mutual Images project, the Club d’Études Culturelles de Tours has been supporting its student members, Aurore Montoya and Maxime Danesin, in the creation and organization of this international workshop series, becoming its first partner. Furthermore, in order to save and continue their work, it was decided to publish in our anthology INVENE the proceedings of the Mutual Images workshop, until, at least, the Mutual Images association could create its own peer reviewed research publication.


Contact: invene.redaction@gmail.com