Institut Marc Perrot

The Sainte-Marie establishment in Lyon is widely known for its outstanding results in 18+ preparatory classes and in BTS courses. The Institut Marc Perrot was founded by the school in 2008. As a higher education institute, we deliver university-level diplomas in management and communications, through partnerships with well-known universities, including the IAE at the University of Lyon 3, Coventry University and the UQAT, university of Québec. The Institut Marc Perrot is still developing, with the creation of a Bachelor’s course in Communications and Digital Creation, a Bachelor’s course in Management and Digital Networks, and a new Master’s course, Managing and Enterprise for Positive Economy, starting in September 2014.


A focus on action

The Institut Marc Perrot aims to foster a spirit of integrity, positivity and enterprise in its students: we believe that professional success depends, first and foremost, on individual reliability and accountability. Our courses promote the development of technical skills in parallel with a number of other aspects. Our desire is for our students to have a full awareness of the problems facing the world of today, and to be ready to tackle these challenges head-on

Ready for tomorrow

We promote a strong ethical and active approach, encouraging our students to become responsible managers and entrepreneurs. All of our courses include intellectual and cultural elements, promoting an ethos of initiative and creativity.

 Our Parternship

The Institut Marc Perrot and Mutual Images share ideals of interculturality and mutual understanding. The Institute hosts the administration of Mutual Images, as well as offer within its old building a beautiful space of reunion for Mutual Images’s activities.