Who we are

Mutual Images was created in 2013 by three academics sharing an interest in “images” of Japan, as well as past and present cultural exchanges between Japan and Europe. During three years, they gathered academics from different countries around a workshop focusing each time on a specific subject. The papers presented were published in Invene (ISSN: 2273-6085), Vol.1-2.

In 2014, Mutual Images was registered as an official scholarly and non-profit association with the Préfecture du Rhône, France. It follows the French law of the 1st of July 1901 regarding associations.

Since 2015, Mutual Images widened its field of interest under three programs: “Japan Focus”, “Asia-Europe Exchanges” and “Global Interactions”. In the meantime, the association has been preparing the creation of its peer-reviewed and open-access research journal. The 1st volume of the Mutual Images Journal will be published in 2016.

  • The Mutual Images Board is composed of:

Aurore YAMAGATA-MONTOYA, president
Maxime DANESIN, vice-president in charge of events
Marco PELLITTERI, vice-president in charge of publications
Marie PRUVOST-DELASPRE, secretary
Shogo YAMAGATA, treasurer

  • Mutual Images has its legal address at:

Institut Marc Perrot
14 Chemin de Montauban
69005 Lyon