MIRA being born from our drive to bring together researchers from different countries and fields of research, organising (or co-organising) events related to analysing culturaly diversity and exchanges is primordial for us. Which is why we are involved in the organisation of three type of workshops: the “Mutual Images International Workshop” Series; the One-Time Workshops, and since 2019, the biennial International Summer School.


Core of MIRA’s activities and identity, the “Mutual Images International Workshop” series looks at the “mutual images” between, mainly, Japan and Europe. It is held each spring, alternately in Japan and Europe at different hosting universities.


Co-organised at the request of partner institutions or individuals, one-time workshops are events in marge of our main series of workshops. These workshops allow us to explore topics that are either too specific for the main series, focusing on different areas, or requested by our partner.


Since 2019, MIRA is developing an international summer school, co-organised with partner institutions and held biennially at an Asian or European hosting universty. The themes around which the summer school lectures rotate investigate the mediated and cultural representations between East Asia and Europe. Spread on a few days, the seminars and lectures are held by members of MIRA, by teachers of the hosting university, and by further guests specially invited.

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